Challenges behind sustainable schools commutes: qualitative approach in the urban environment of XXIst century

Artykuły naukowe
Feel invited to read the article by Jakub Zawieski and Katarzyna Archanowicz-Kudelska published in Transportation Research Procedia.
The article is available ➔ HERE



  • Even with generally good transportation options for sustainable travel to school (as Warsaw’s infrastructure often provides for public primary schools), parents habitually and automatically opt to drive their children, not considering other alternatives.
  • Children often advocate for a more active and balanced approach to school. Parents value their opinions, so children can be agents of change. Therefore, it is worthwhile to equip them with knowledge and appropriate arguments to persuade their parents. Additionally, beliefs established in childhood have the potential to become deeply ingrained.
  • For parents, the safety of their child’s route and journey to school is paramount. This concern extends beyond traffic safety to include social and epidemiological factors. Furthermore, the route to school should not only be safe but also comfortable and efficient.
  • Enhancing the appeal of the school route is also crucial. Simple, low-cost improvements, like painting the pavement for playful activities, can significantly increase its attractiveness to children.
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