Can 8-year-olds become public space auditors?

Of course, they are great observers and can see phenomena that adults often ignore. They see the city from a different height and at a different pace paying attention to many details.

There are holes in this pavement, it’s cracked. My scooter wheel always falls into them. – said Mateusz, a student of a primary school in Warsaw.
The participants assessed the quality of green areas, communication, pedestrian infrastructure, and places of recreation and rest around their schools. They later transferred what they observed to professional models presenting the school and its surroundings on a 1:250 scale.
It was a very attractive and very engaging activity for the kids. Everyone wanted to build, stick or draw what they observed in the field. It is not only good fun but also a great lesson in spatial thinking. – says Magda from the “On-site” Foundation.
The mock-ups will accompany the students throughout the duration of the project, as they allow them to mark the most important observations and ideas for changes.

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