REALLOCATE – A new project of CoMobility partners

"On site" Foundation and Public Roads Authority Warsaw among 37 partners of the REALLOCATE project!

The REALLOCATE consortium, coordinated by University College Dublin, is an international team of 37 partners from 12 European countries, bringing together local authorities, academic institutions, consulting firms, transport associations, and non-profit organizations. Thanks to diverse knowledge and experience, the consortium effectively strives to achieve ambitious goals in the field of sustainable urban mobility.

The total budget of the REALLOCATE project is €11,998,600, of which €309,555 is the funding amount for the City of Warsaw. The project began on May 1, 2023, and will last until the end of April 2027.

Read more at:

REALLOCATE project website

“On site” Foundation website

Public Roads Authority’s website


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