Installation of low-cost traffic congestion detectors

We are finishing the installation of low-cost traffic flow detectors, counting trucks, cars, cyclists, and pedestrians in the vicinity of schools participating in the CoMobility project.

Telraam Meters is a simple citizen science solution that allows anyone to monitor traffic in their area and contribute to a database of traffic volumes for research by scientists around the world. At CoMobility, we installed them with the support of Airly and DAWIS IT. An innovative outdoor installation attempt at one of the schools proved too ambitious, as Telraam sensors perform best in a dry room at room temperature. That is why we moved them inside in all schools, despite the difficulties with locating them in the building, so that there were no branches and leaves of trees in the frame of the camera watching the movement. But we did it! We are invariably pleased with the Warsaw flora and soon we will know more about the proportion of vehicles to active mobility in the vicinity of CoMobility schools. We will soon use this data to model traffic.


No tree suffered any damage during the works.

Pictures by Grzegorz Wilczewski.

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