CoMobility at the 62nd ERSA Conngress

Strong presence of CoMobility team at the ERSA 2023 Congress dedicated to Urban Challanges and Sustainable Technological Revolution

This years edition of the annual Congress of the European Regional Sciene Association (ERSA) marked the last week of August 2023 with vivid discussions on researchers and experts conducting studies related to Urban Challanges and Sustainable Technological Revolution. CoMobility project aspires to be the part of the latter, and contribute to deepending our undestanding of the former. Hence, we were eager to present three pieces of research conducted within our project during the Congress.

On Monday we talked about the results from our qualitative studies: “Car ownership and school commute in Warsaw: A qualitative study of values, practices and narratives.”
On Wednesday, it was time for the study focused on “Measuring inequalities in access to primary education and clean air.”
On Friday, we shared our empirical results concerned with the use of private car and mobility services “Social barriers to sustainable transition: the case of mobility systems in Central Europe.”

We are grateful to all discussants for their valuable comments and participants for their questions.


fot. A. Nicińska

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