CoMobility’s traffic count

In November and December this year, we carried out the first traffic counts in the neighbourhood of schools collaborating with the CoMobility project.

The study’s main aim was to calculate traffic on local streets around schools and the parking time of cars. We paid attention to the busiest hours, both in the morning and afternoon, when observing traffic safety around schools is particularly important. This study will help analyse car traffic near schools and the proportion of car journeys to (and from) schools. We will better understand the impact of road traffic on air quality in the schools’ neighbourhoods and the importance of the number and length of car stops in front of the schools.
The data from traffic studies will be a crucial input to further CoMobility research, based on which we will refine the models for transport and environmental analyses. The measurements will be carried out cyclically in the following months, thanks to which we will obtain observations for studies of traffic from different seasons of the year.

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